'67 Chevy Camaro Hot Wheels HW Dream Garage Worldwide Optimism Blue'

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67 Camaro Blue 2021 Hot Wheels Dollar General Exclusive HW DREAM Garage

This Camaro is awesome! This release of the long-time collector-favorite, #’67 Camaro is the latest in a partnership with Rod Chong (@rev_sect on Instagram) whose previous projects netted Hot Wheels vehicles from Speedhunters, Project Cars 2, Roborace, among others. As part of his cross-media creative agency named, Race Service, Rod brought in British artist, Nicolai Sclater who is known as Ornamental Conifer (@ornamentalconifer on IG) who hand-painted the Hot Wheels 1:1 ’67 Camaro in his own style. Phrases like “Worldwide Optimism” and “Perpetual Childhood” extend the length of the body, while “Hope” and “Change” are seen throughout the design with logos for Race Service and Ornamental Confier as well. WORLWIDE OPTIMISM x PERPETUAL CHILDHOOOD graphics. One of our favorites! It serves as a reminder for “Worldwide Optimism” in a time where it is much needed. It encourages “perpetual childhood” by “never growing up” and continuing to accept that we all have room in our hearts and our minds for hope and change.

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